3 September 2014

Read & Pray Around the World

READ: Matt 22 : 1-14

PRAY: Please pray for the Bible Society of Brazil's outreach programmes for students, children, families, the elderly, prisoners, people in hospital and people with disabilities. Pray that people will find hope through the Bible.

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The Penny Gospel distribution

Much to be thankful for

28th August 2014

The Penny Gospel project had a simple vision – to share the story of Jesus with thousands of people across Scotland. What started with the goal of printing 50,000 copies ended with over 750,000 copies and over 600… READ MORE

A shepherd in Cameroon reads his Bible

‘Great strides’ in Bible translation

7th August 2014

New Bible translations in 18 languages spoken by 15 million people were published by Bible Societies and their partners in 2013. Last year’s launches – most of them full Bibles – included 10 first-time translations, giving over 4… READ MORE

WILD about the WORD - Adventure in Acts

Adventure in Acts

27th May 2014

This year’s programme for WILD about the WORD includes a study of Paul’s missionary journeys, focusing on the Book of Acts plus references from elsewhere in the New Testament. WILD about the WORD is a weekend away from… READ MORE

From the Blog

How well do you know your Bible?

Over the past few weeks we’ve been distributing ‘Penny Gospels‘ – some of the responses have been surprising. One lady, who refused a copy, said, “No, I’ve got one already and I can hardly put it down.” She… READ MORE

More than gold

At first I only saw the ribbon coming out of his bag and wondered what it was that he wanted to show me. As he smiled and opened his hand my brain was struggling to compute what I… READ MORE

The greatness of our God

Since being at Spring Harvest, I have been considering the three themes that the teaching has focused on: The Unfathomable Father The Unbeatable Son The Unstoppable Spirit Our culture increasingly tends to marginalise the Church. Public debate often… READ MORE

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