6 March 2015

Read & Pray Around the World

READ: Acts 25 : 23-27

PRAY: This year’s World Day of Prayer service has been planned by women from the Bahamas. The theme ‘Do you know what I have done to you?’ (John 13: 12) challenges us to show the same unconditional love for others as Jesus did.

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Rwanda Events

19th February 2015

In 1994, over a period of 100 days, an estimated 1 million men, women and children were slaughtered during the Rwandan genocide. In one of the darkest moments in human history, more than 6 people were murdered every… READ MORE

Community Bible Experience

Transform the way your church reads the Bible this Lent

6th February 2015

A recent coffee with a church pastor raised an issue faced by many churches, “How can I encourage my church to read the Bible?” The conversation identified familiar trends: our churches value the Bible, but many people do… READ MORE

Reading from Braille Scriptures provided by the Bible Society of Uganda

Three things you probably don’t know about the Braille Bible

3rd January 2015

January 4 is World Braille Day. To mark the occasion, we’re looking at some facts about Braille Bibles that you perhaps did not know! The vast majority of the world’s 285 million people with visual impairments live in… READ MORE

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Could I forgive?

Over the space of 100 days, six men, women and children were murdered every minute, of every hour of every day. An estimated 1,000,000 people lost their lives, often at the hands of those they would have called… READ MORE

Saying yes to God this Christmas

The Christmas story of the birth of our Saviour has so many twists and turns. I hope you are enjoying reflecting on it again this year as you hear it read and spoken of in church and in… READ MORE

In Remembrance of Babylon

Who can ever know the depth of human suffering except those who are currently living within it? In these last weeks, as a nation we have remembered the lost in World War One. Surely the poppy field of… READ MORE

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