29 August 2016

Read & Pray Around the World

READ: Hab 1 : 1-11

PRAY: Please pray for Bibleworld as it goes to Newton Mearns this week. Pray that set up will go smoothly and that the young people who come on board will be excited as they learn about the Bible.

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5,000 Kapsiki speakers brave danger to welcome their Bible

23rd August 2016

It is always so encouraging to hear about God’s Word enriching and positively changing people’s lives. Over the past few months there has been a great deal of celebration in Cameroon for the Word of God. Following the […]

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Interview with Marcia Carneiro about the Light in Amazonia project

‘Pray for the riverside people…’ – a special message from the Bible Society of Brazil

11th August 2016

Thank you for supporting Bible Society projects in Brazil like the Light in Amazonia, where your prayers and financial gifts are helping bring hope and healing to the riverside people in Amazonia. Marcia Carneiro, Bible Society of Brazil On […]

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Picture of an opened Bible

How the Bible Brought a Town Together

11th August 2016

Some of the most encouraging things that God is doing in Scotland happen in unexpected places. At our recent Volunteer Conference held around Scotland, when sharing successful examples of Bible Sunday, we highlighted the “Campbeltown Model”. This is the […]

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The thirst for Children’s Bibles in Malawi – Project Update

4th August 2016

In April we launched our appeal in Malawi to help support the Let the children encounter Christ programme. The project aims to make God’s Word more accessible to the thousands of Malawian children who are desperate to learn […]

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Toddlers, Tantrums and Timeouts

There are tears and there are tantrums but there’s nothing quite like a toddler meltdown to ruin a perfectly good day on holiday. I can remember having several such meltdowns myself at an early age when we went […]

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The simple art of being

I have not long returned from a holiday in the Outer Hebrides.  As I reflect upon it now, it was an exercise in ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ in which I was aware of God taking me deeper into […]

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Go to your room!

I wonder what Jesus meant when he told us to go to our room to pray. It could seem like punishment, like isolation, but is that the Jesus that we know? Maybe it is, maybe prayer for you is the place of struggle and silence and trying and failing.

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Don’t worry, just pray.

My favourite passage of Scripture of all time comes from Philippians chapter 4, verses 6 and 7. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. […]

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