21 March 2018

Read & Pray Around the World

READ: Matt 26 : 31-35

PRAY: Give thanks for the Micronesia Partnership as they make God’s Word more accessible to those who struggle to afford a Bible for themselves. Pray, as they partner with local bookshops to provide Bibles either free or at a subsidised price, that many will have the opportunity to read God’s Word for themselves.

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‘God speaks my language!’ Bible translation changing lives around the world.

13th March 2018

When a community receives the Scriptures in their language, something profound happens. People feel that God is speaking directly to them, from among them. “God speaks my language!” is a common joyful reaction as they start to experience […]

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Scotland and Easter

26th February 2018

Why a spike in Easter church attendance is great news! Easter represents one of the best opportunities for churches to reach Scotland with the gospel. Despite what we might think, successive surveys demonstrate Scots have a good understanding […]

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Q & A with Jen Robertson

30th January 2018

At the start of January we welcomed Jen Robertson to our team in the new role of Children’s Resources Manager. Below, Jen explains more about this new role and our goals for creating Bible-based resource materials for use […]

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A new translation for Gaelic speakers

12th December 2017

To mark 250 years of the first New Testament published in the Scottish Gaelic language, the Scottish Bible Society (SBS) has published a fresh Bible translation aimed at those who speak the everyday Gaelic in use today. The New Testament in […]

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Coming in from the cold

Coming in from the cold It was chilly to the bone cold outside, the kind of cold that seeps through the soles of your shoes yet somehow makes your cheeks burn red. We were a group of eclectic […]

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Let’s Celebrate Love!

How does Valentine’s Day make you feel? I remember my childhood fear when I realised that Valentine’s Day fell on a school day. For me that meant being left out once again while all the pretty, cool, funny […]

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Being Human in God’s Glory – Stuart Weir Guest Blog

What Does it Mean to be Human? In my mind, the recently celebrated feast of Christmas couldn’t have focused the mind more when combined with the potent question of this series. And the Word became flesh and lived […]

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What does it mean to be human?

As we enter into a brand new year, we are going to be focusing on the question, what does it mean to be human? This is a profound question and one that will take the whole of 2018 […]

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