24 May 2017

Read & Pray Around the World

READ: Mic 4 : 1-13

PRAY: The Memralife Board meets today. Pray for Elaine Duncan as she travels down to East Sussex for this meeting.

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The sound of worship resonated across the city

17th May 2017

We are delighted to be partnering with Heartsong Ministries at their Engage ’17 Resonate worship evenings taking place in Scotland this July. The popular event first started in Aberdeen and it returns to the Beach Ballroom for its […]

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A Bible for every language

A Bible in every language is within our grasp

15th May 2017

Here is the good news about Bible translation: it is getting faster. This means more people groups are getting the Scriptures in their own language each year than ever before. The Scottish Bible Society is a founding member […]

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UBS Day of Prayer 2017

2017 UBS Day of Prayer

9th May 2017

The Scottish Bible Society is a founder member of the United Bible Societies – Bible Societies at work in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Today marks the 71st anniversary of the founding of the United Bible Societies. […]

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Update from Egypt following the bombings targeting Coptic Christians in Alexandria and Tanta

Not just a legend

13th April 2017

On Palm Sunday, we heard the terrible news of bombings targeting Coptic Christians in Alexandria and Tanta, Egypt.  At least 46 people were killed and a state of emergency was declared in Egypt. As we stand together in […]

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He has ascended

May 25th to June 4th, between the celebrations of Ascension to Pentecost, is an Anglican/Episcopal initiative to pray, ‘Thy Kingdom Come…’ Join with the family of God to pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’, that we may be effective witnesses […]

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Receiving Hope

We live in turbulent times. Internationally, there is tension between the United States and Russia over the recent bombing in Syria and talk of war in the Korean peninsula. Domestically, we’ve now added a snap general election to […]

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A new start this Easter time

On Palm Sunday a congregation near Glasgow started their morning worship in one building and ended it in another. They left the old for the new. A minibus had been arranged to transport the older folk the 500 […]

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Living a Jesus-focused life

During Lent, many people choose to give something up for the six-week period leading up to Easter.  It can be chocolate, or coffee, or meat – any of life’s little luxuries seem to be the “sacrifice” that is […]

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