Mary can't read.

The only time she had heard God’s Word was when she was able to attend church.

But Mary was given her very own Audio Bible. God’s Word now speaks directly to her heart. The promises she hears via her Audio Bible gives her hope and peace.

You can help more people like Mary access a Bible, whatever their circumstance.


New resources to welcome the new king

Looking for giveaways, Gospels or service ideas for Christmas 2022? We have a brand new booklet for guests, gospels, and free intergenerational resources to help you, your church and your community tell everyone about Jesus, the new born King.

Latest Resources

Order our latest magazine format Gospel – the life of Jesus according to John

Follow Joseph as he discovers God’s presence is with him, even when things go wrong!

New for 2022, a Nativity Play for schools that looks back at the life of the Queen and further back to the birth of the promised King.

Latest News

Bible-a-month November: Mozambique

In Mozambique, 60% of the population cannot read. It is predominantly an oral culture where storytelling and the spoken word are the primary ways a message is delivered and understood. The Bible Society in Mozambique recognises that providing

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Bible-a-month October: China

There is a real hunger for Bibles in China. Since the founding of the Amity Printing Company in 1987, 87 million Bibles have been printed in Nanjing and distributed across China. Chinese Christians are known to love reading

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Celebrating our Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Looking back at over 70 years of contributions from our Patron, Her Majesty the Queen Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II spoke consistently and publicly about her faith in God and was an extraordinary example of someone who

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Life transformed through the bible

The Scottish Bible Society seeks, under God, to put the Bible into people’s hands and hearts.

We work so that all people can have the Bible in a language they understand, a form they can access, and at an affordable price, to aid genuine encounters with God.

Our Vision is to see lives transformed through the Bible.