22 September 2017

Read & Pray Around the World

READ: 1Sam 29 : 1-11

PRAY: Please pray for Norman Liddle, Andy Wallace and a group of volunteers as they leave for Malawi today. Pray for safe travel, and pray that they will be encouraged as they share with colleagues from the Bible Society of Malawi and see the projects that are happening there.

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Kalenjin people now have Bible in their heart language

14th September 2017

The Kalenjin are an ethnic group from the Nile Valley region of Kenya. According to the last Kenyan census in 2009, there are around 4.9 million Kalenjin people, the third highest ethnic group in the country. Now, because […]

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International Literacy Day – using the Bible to improve literacy in rural China

8th September 2017

Literacy and the Bible Today is International Literacy Day. UNESCO first started this worldwide enterprise on 8th September 1965, aiming to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. Why is it so important for the […]

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How Bible stories about fish are bringing literacy to South Sudan’s Shilluk people

17th August 2017

Fish are central to the Shilluk people’s way of life. They eat fish, sell fish and fall asleep thinking about fish! Fish is everything to them. A husband has a legal right to divorce his wife if she […]

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Ghana women with Bibles

Scripture distribution tops 400 million for third year running

6th July 2017

A recent report from the United Bible Societies shows that, for the third year in a row, Bible Societies across the world have distributed more than 400 million Scripture items – a figure that includes 34 million Bibles. […]

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From the Blog

What is God up to where we are?

If the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, then the primary mission of the Church to sinners is to proclaim the Gospel. Whether it’s Morningside or Muirhouse, Barnton or Broomhouse, New Town or Niddrie, each is in equal need of the power of God unto salvation.

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Celebrating Bible Sunday

Bible Sunday is celebrated annually with churches using the same Bible passage as their focus so that across Scotland we join together to celebrate God’s Word. It’s a time when we remember the continuing impact the Bible has on individuals and communities in Scotland and throughout the world.

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Hearing God’s Word

A friend of mine said to me recently: ‘The only thing holding me together is perpetual motion.’ She felt that life had become so pressured that, if she were to stop, she would collapse. Many of us feel like that. Finding the opportunity to step aside from the distracted restlessness of our world and of our hearts is a vital ingredient in living the life of faith. But it’s not easy, is it?

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Keeping on keeping on

I’m writing only a couple of weeks after Easter when once again I was astonished, amazed and thankful of all that God has done in Jesus. The unity of the church is something else as it celebrates a pivotal moment in history, a fulfilment of Scripture and the significance of the resurrection. How our hearts are warmed when we recognise Jesus as the Christ.

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