We live at a time when expressions of community are changing rapidly. Who would have thought, even 10 years ago, that we would understand the concept of ‘cyber communities’? In day-to-day life most of us play a part in many different communities: family, neighbourhood, workplace, church, social club and maybe even Facebook.

Community is very important to all of us, giving us a sense of our place in the world and addressing our deep need for significant relationships. God himself expresses community within the mystery of the Trinity. The Bible presents us with values that help us to build strong relationships and therefore strong communities.

The challenge to us all is how much we will seek God’s help to enable us to be people who build community. Relationships can be damaged so easily and communities broken down by our selfishness and lack of care for others. Equally we can all contribute something positive and constructive to building strong communities where others are welcomed and feel valued.

Elaine Duncan
Chief Executive