I’ve been involved in ‘Bible Engagement’ for the past three years and I am still discovering new and refreshing ways of looking at Scripture. It is all to easy to get caught up in the minutiae of verses in the Bible and not to take the freedom to see the full picture.

Bible study can become so academic that we miss the heart of a passage. We concentrate so much on the ‘understanding’ that we miss the ‘feeling’ side of a passage. ‘Head knowledge’ is allowed to bully ‘heart knowledge’ into a quiet corner.

In discovering more of the heart of the passage I have once again started to know the excitement and the fun of Bible study – hearing a profound insight from someone who rarely speaks, a moment of silence in the midst of the discovery of the glory of God, a new facet of truth pointed out in an all too familiar passage. Discovering that perhaps we spend too long reading the notes on a passage and not enough time meditating on the actual Word of God.

Food for thought? I hope so!

Pete Chirnside
Church Partnership Manager