Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Ugly Duckling

When I was a child I read the Ugly Duckling tale as an encouragement. No matter how fat, thin, plain, boring, spotty, gap-toothed, knock-kneed, freckled, short, tall, smelly, snobby or just plain ugly I was, eventually I would […]

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Translation welcomed by Prime Minister of Chad

Mr Joseph Djimrangar Dadnadji

A new translation, which will help Chadians read the Bible and promote bilingualism, has launched in the Central African nation. Chadian Arabic is the joint official language, along with French, with over 60% of Chad’s 11 million people […]

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Gone but not forgotten

Templeton's Carpet factory disaster

On 1st November 1889, twenty-nine girls and women lost their lives after the collapse of Templeton’s Carpet Factory (also known as the ‘Greenhead disaster’) in the east end of Glasgow. Many others were injured, some seriously. A memorial […]

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Spiritual poverty

I count it an enormous privilege to be able to travel to areas in the world where the Scottish Bible Society is supporting the local Bible Society. The memorable thing is not the work but rather the people […]

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The Bible series to air on Channel Five

The Bible will be coming to Channel Five this autumn. Originally aired in the US on The History Channel, it attracted over 13 million viewers compared to entertainment show ‘American Idol’, which was watched by 12.8 million. The […]

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Launch of Fijian New Version Bible

Today is a very exciting day for Christians in Fiji as they receive a modern language, easy-to-read Bible. The Bible was first translated into Fijian 149 years ago and this new version, which includes additional helpful features like […]

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