Mr Joseph Djimrangar Dadnadji

A new translation, which will help Chadians read the Bible and promote bilingualism, has launched in the Central African nation.

Chadian Arabic is the joint official language, along with French, with over 60% of Chad’s 11 million people speaking the language. The launch follows 15 years of work by the Bible Society of Chad and its partners, WEC International and SIL International. Work continues on the Old Testament translation, which is due for completion in 2016.

Nearly 800 people attended the dedication ceremony, joining in prayer and thanksgiving for the new translation. The Prime Minister of Chad broke away from meetings with international leaders to attend the dedication service in N’Djamena, accompanied by most of his cabinet. He took time to pay tribute to the Bible Society of Chad for the translation.

You can imagine my emotions because you know what the Word of God means to me. As the prophet Isaiah said, ‘the Word is like rain, when it falls it has impact.’
Joseph Djimrangar Dadnadji, Prime Minister, Chad

Join us in giving thanks to God for the translation work completed so far, and pray that the New Testament will have a huge impact on Arabic speakers in Chad.