Egypt bookstore destroyed

During the recent days of violence in Egypt, Bible Society bookshops were completely destroyed.  In Assiut and Minia (two of the largest cities in southern Egypt) attackers demolished the metal doors protecting the bookshops, broke the store windows behind them and set the bookshops on fire.  Fortunately, the bookshops were closed at the time and no harm came to Bible Society staff or customers.  The same happened to many stores next to the bookshops.  Churches and Christian schools have been attacked too.


Please pray:
  • That the government manages to disperse further protests as peacefully as possible, with few injuries and without loss of lives.
  • For protection for all Christian properties across Egypt.
  • That these sad incidents would not increase the alienation of the Muslim Brotherhood but that they would somehow be re-integrated into Egyptian society.
  • For Christians to have a spirit of forgiveness and love towards those who are perceived as being our enemies.
  • Give thanks for the Bible Society of Egypt and its 129 years of operation.  Pray for the protection and work of its staff as they seek to rebuild their bookshops and find ways to support their communities in this crisis.

Donate now

We have launched an emergency appeal to help with the rebuilding of these bookshops and for the wider work of the Bible Society of Egypt.  Please find out more about this emergency appeal. You can make a donation online or call us on 0131 337 9701.