Hearing God speak

We’ve just come back from a weekend of activity and Bible engagement. Time to reflect. What is God saying to us? How do we listen to God? How do I listen to God?

We hear the preacher – but is that God? We get into Bible studies and listen to people’s opinions, their knowledge and understanding. Perhaps we learn new things about the passage and so learn new things about the character and being of God – but through the noise, what is God saying? We sing songs and the melody stays in our heads and rumble round all day long – is that God speaking to me?

A random thought springs into my head? Does God really want me to speak to that stranger or to go to that particular place? How do I know it is God speaking and not my fanciful imagination? I pray for guidance, I worship and I listen for that unmistakeable voice.

The Spirit of God bears witness to the truth. That inner certainty, given to us by God’s Spirit, that this is truth is also borne out by the witness of the Bible, the confirmation of Christian brothers and sisters and so we have confidence to know that God has spoken. That is what happens when you take God’s Word seriously and listen carefully.

I believe He spoke clearly at our weekend away at WILD about the WORD. Now the hard bit… We’ve got to act on what God has told us.


Peter Chirnside
Church Partnership Manager