The Penny Gospel - More than Gold

He was about 20 years old, born and brought up in the UK and a highly intelligent physics undergraduate at university. At first I thought he was joking, the phrase in my head being, ‘You cannot be serious?’ but as I looked into his eyes and responded to him I realised he was absolutely sincere. More than that, he was inquisitive, eager for an answer to his question, “What exactly are the 10 Commandments? I’ve never heard the phrase.” That young man is not alone in his lack of knowledge about God and the Bible. There is now more than one generation in our culture who have little or no understanding of the faith that is the heritage of our country.

Who do you know that would benefit from knowing the story of Jesus? Is it possible they are inquisitive, even eager to meet Him?

2014 presents the Church with a wonderful opportunity for outreach in Scotland, as we join together with friends, relatives and visitors to celebrate the Commonwealth Games.

The Penny Gospel is an initiative by the Scottish Bible Society and Biblica. We want to see thousands of copies of Luke’s Gospel distributed around the Games period. To do this, we need churches to pick up the baton and order multiple copies of the Penny Gospel at 1p per copy. Titled More Than Gold, this NIV edition will feature testimonies by Christian sports people of how knowing Jesus is of greater worth to them than anything else. It’s a great way to introduce people to the story of Jesus.

Priced at only a penny, it’s worth so much more to those who receive it.

Visit the Scottish Bible Society or More Than Gold at CRE Scotland to find out more and order your Penny Gospel today.