Thank you to all our supporters

Throughout the year, we have been supporting projects in Scotland and around the world to provide the Word of God to thousands of people.

Thanks to the prayers and generous financial gifts of our supporters, we have seen Bibles for children and Scripture engagement packs provided to families affected by HIV/AIDS in Malawi. In a country where 46% of the population are under 15, many children have lost both parents to the disease and are being raised in orphanages. The Bible Society of Malawi has taken up the challenge, and with the Good Samaritan Programme, they are helping to provide hope for the future – which is possible through your support.

During his visit to Scotland as part of the celebrations for the bicentenary of the birth of David Livingstone, Clapperton Mayuni, the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Malawi, recorded the following message to say thank you to our supporters.

In Cambodia, people have to share Bibles as there are not enough copies for everyone. Arun Sok Nhep, co-ordinator of Bible Society work in Cambodia tells us, “This is the first time that Cambodia has experienced church growth. Christians must have Bibles so they can introduce the Word of God to their communities. Otherwise, we will miss our mission.” Thanks to the prayers and generous financial gifts of our supporters, we have been able to help provide Khmer Bibles to Cambodian Christians and contribute to the translation of Parables, such as the Good Shepherd, into another local language, Bunong.

In times of emergency, we have also been able to mobilise help. When violence broke out across Egypt, two Bible Society bookshops were attacked and destroyed in the south of the country. Our supporters have helped provide funds to contribute to the rebuilding of these bookshops so that Bibles can continue to be sold and distributed across this part of Egypt.

These are just some examples of Bible Society work. We want to say thank you to our supporters for their prayers and generous financial gifts. We pray for their continuing support and for more people to commit to praying for, giving to and volunteering with SBS.

Thank you for your giving throughout this year. Your support helped us to show that the Bible really does change lives. You can help us meet the growing need for Scriptures and change more lives through God’s Word. Please consider making a donation today.