Noah film

The forthcoming Hollywood epic Noah has attracted criticism, with claims that it uses artistic license and doesn’t stay true to the story told in Genesis. Our guest blogger from the United Bible Societies explains why it’s still worth a watch. If you’ve seen it, feel free to share your comments below on what you thought.

I love movies so was delighted to get the chance to attend an early screening of the much talked about Hollywood epic, Noah, in London last week. I was aware, of course, of the controversy about whether the movie stays ‘faithful’ to the Bible story of Noah, but I resolved to simply watch the film as I’d watch any other: with the expectation of being entertained, engaged and maybe learning one or two things along the way. I wasn’t disappointed, so here are four reasons why I think the Noah movie is worth watching:

1. It will entertain you

The Noah movie truly is a feast for the eyes! As well as being brilliantly and convincingly acted by a star-studded cast, its $125 million budget has allowed the movie’s creators to let their imaginations run free and create a world of breathtaking beauty, bleak savagery and with unexpected touches of science fiction and fantasy. You may be expecting epic scenes of watery turmoil, which are, indeed, delivered with astonishing realism, but gigantic, tragic, deformed fallen angels? Perhaps not!

2. It will make you feel

When you read the Noah story in the Bible, it contains a vivid description of what happened but it doesn’t describe how Noah or his family felt about the dramatic events they were caught up in. This is where the movie really excels because it is an emotional roller-coaster! You feel Noah’s heavy heart, burdened by the knowledge that God is intending to destroy humanity; you empathise with Ham’s frustration and rage at the unfairness of life; and you share the despair and disappointment of Noah’s wife as she sees her husband descend into hopelessness and an uncharacteristic cruelty.

Check out these free Noah movie resources for use in schools, churches and small groups, provided by Damaris Media.

3. It will make you think

Noah is one of those movies that you’ll find yourself thinking about long after you’ve watched it because it’s not just a story about a man who builds an Ark to save his family and the animals from a flood. It’s a story that, among other things, explores our relationship with nature, our understanding of who God is, and what it means to be human and ‘made in God’s image’.

4. It is getting the Bible ‘out there’

Very few people out there know much about the Bible or read it with any regularity, so when Hollywood decides to screen a movie based on a Bible story, it’s a cause for celebration. Yes, it may not be the exact replica of the story as told in Genesis 6-7, but it’s getting people interested in the Bible. YouVersion reports that “in the days after Noah hit theatres, people opening the Noah story through the Bible App increased by about 300% in the US and 245% globally”. And that will no doubt increase as the movie is rolled out in more and more countries. So do watch the Noah movie…and be prepared for some interesting conversation with Christians and non-Christians alike!
Andrea Rhodes
External Communications Officer for the United Bible Societies

The Scottish Bible Society is a founder member of the United Bible Societies – 146 Bible Societies at work in some 200 countries worldwide.