Bruce Kuhn

This summer, see the Gospel of Luke, memorised word for word from the Bible, told with the passion and surprise of an eyewitness account. In a compelling ninety minutes, the words come alive with the urgency and humour of someone who was there. Alone on stage, Broadway actor Bruce Kuhn weaves the tale of the Christ without props or sets, dressed in modern, casual clothing.

About Bruce Kuhn

Bruce Kuhn performed on Broadway (Les Miserables) and in repertory theatres and now tours worldwide with his solo shows Luke, Acts, Tales of Tolstoy, and Marcus (Mark’s Gospel in Dutch). He also partners with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) to train others to tell the events of the Bible the way an eyewitness would. Students of his three month Word by Heart school learn a gospel in their heart language, and have plans to start schools on four continents.

He has performed for many conferences, including Urbana, and Keswick, and has taught his storytelling course in nineteen countries and two seminaries: Regent College in Vancouver as an Artist in Residence and Oxford University (Wycliffe Hall). He is father to Frits (16) and Juliette (14), and husband to Hetty, a landscape artist.  Visit Bruce’s website to find out more about his work.