What could you give up?

Could you give up one pound a week to share the Scriptures with people in twelve different countries each year and change the lives of people around the world?

It may not seem much to us but praying and giving regularly can make a big difference to people around the world who will receive Bibles and other Bible-based resources that can have a real impact in their lives.

Our Bible-a-month Partnership challenges us to think about whether we can spare some minutes each month to pray for people around the world who are desperate for a Bible of their own. Many of us are blessed with owning more than one Bible and having resources to help us in our journey with God. But there are thousands of people around the world who don’t have access to a Bible, can’t afford one or need the Bible in a translation and format they can understand and that meets their needs.
Robert Russell, Head of Donor Care at the Scottish Bible Society

The Bible-a-month Partnership is a commitment by the Scottish Bible Society to twelve different projects each year where Bibles or Bible-based resources reach those who need and want them. Partners receive a calendar with information about the projects, prayer points and details of how financial gifts can contribute to this work.

When I say to people that for just £4 per month, we can enable someone to have the copy of God’s Word they long for, I see them nod in agreement. But when I show them a pound coin and hold up my Bible and I ask them if they could give up £1 per week to help someone receive Scriptures, I see their eyes widen in the knowledge that it’s not a lot of money and it can go a long way.
Robert Russell

Collectively, Bible-a-month Partners have given almost £200,000 in 2013, which equates to supplying Bibles to 50,000 people.

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