Truth and Prosperity

We’ve voted and we’ve got the result. I’m still going to work today, travelling by Scotrail to Inverness, staying in Inverness overnight for a Church conference on Saturday, all benefits of living in Scotland.

So what’s changed – nothing really for me in my day-to-day existence. I can still put on the heating, get clean safe drinking water from one of the 12 taps in my house. I still live in a world which is beyond the imaginings of millions of people.

I can still go to church without any harassment, the Bible is still freely available and I can read it whenever and wherever I want to.

Yet in another sense everything has changed – there is a new atmosphere in our land. Things will change, people have engaged with politics in a way that has astounded many people. Will people discover in time that the politics of greed and envy are simply as empty as bird’s nest in winter, all the hope and promise evaporated?

It needn’t be like this for the kingdom of God is built on a firm foundation. God in his graciousness reaches out to us, forgives us when we seek forgiveness from him for all that bitterness, jealousy, rage, yes and the greed and envy which have so marked these campaigns.

He tells us there is a better way – a way of righteousness, a way of submission to his will and purposes – true prosperity is found in God’s Word and obedience to his instructions. I pray that the New Scotland will be marked with a return to God.

Pete Chirnside
Church Partnership Manager