Research by the Evangelical Alliance research entitled, “21st Century Evangelicals”, revealed the amount of time people spent reading the Bible was a major influence in shaping lifestyle, attitudes and behaviour. Yet their research also revealed:

  • 70% of Christians are spending less than two hours a week reading their Bible. Put into perspective that is less time than keeping up with EastEnders or watching one film a week.
  • 20% of those surveyed are spending less than 30 minutes a week reading their Bible.

If people are not spending significant time reading their Bibles, how do we expect them to be transformed by God’s Word?

Community Bible Experience is a simple idea: let’s actually read the Bible. Not just a verse here or there. Not without seeing the big picture. Most of all, let’s not go it alone.

Instead, let’s experience the Bible as it was meant to be read. Whole books. In community.

Community Bible Experience (CBE) is an initiative of Biblica and from autumn 2014, churches partnering with Biblica for CBE will receive copies of The Books of the Bible New Testament free of charge.

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