Photo of Bible Society in Romania project working with youths

As we approach Saint Andrew’s Day this November, our Bible-a-month Partners are praying for our colleagues in Romania, a country that shares the same patron saint as Scotland.

The Bible Society in Romania has launched a handbook that teaches students that it is just as important to observe God’s law as it is to observe the criminal law of the country.

Working together with the Ministry of Education and the Department of Police, who welcome and support this initiative, the Bible Society is distributing copies to pupils between 12 and 17 years of age.

Entitled No law, no bargain! it teaches them about Criminal Law and contains portions from the Bible referring to this subject and exploring God’s Law, so they can learn how to be both good citizens and good Christians. The book is used in religious education classes and the Bible Society has been invited into schools alongside the police to talk about the moral and spiritual way to live.

Photo of General Secretary of the Bible Society in Romania

General Secretary of the Bible Society in Romania

Over three years, the Bible Society will produce 48,000 books. During a pilot project last year, they distributed 6,000 books across all districts of Bucharest.

The project originated from an unlikely source. Emilia Iorgandopol, General Secretary of the Bible Society in Romania, was involved in a car accident. “After the accident I felt frightened and didn’t know what to do,” she says.

I turned to an old university friend who is now working in the crime prevention department of the Bucharest police force. We began comparing projects and she told me about the police force’s work in creating a handbook to make criminal law accessible to students. They also wanted to put in appropriate Bible verses. I explained that the Bible Society could help. That’s what led to No law, no bargain!

The launch of the book attracted considerable media coverage, including a report on Pro TV, one of Romania’s most popular television channels.

You’ll find prayer points and more information about this project in our Bible-a-month Partnership calendar for the month of November.

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