Christmas Blog

The Christmas story of the birth of our Saviour has so many twists and turns. I hope you are enjoying reflecting on it again this year as you hear it read and spoken of in church and in conversation. I have been struck this year by the number of people who were faced with an invitation from God to be part of his big plan of rescue for humanity. Their saying ‘yes’ to God turned out to be significant for all of us.

Take Joseph for instance. In many respects he has a ‘walk on’ part. However, his ‘yes’ to God ensured that Mary would not have to go through public disgrace (and possibly stoning to death as the penalty then for being pregnant outside of marriage) and so Jesus is born. Imagine the inner turmoil and battle Joseph faced as he was presented with the news of Mary’s pregnancy. The shame, the suspicion, the anger at how he had been betrayed and the complete erosion of trust between him and Mary must have left him emotionally wrecked. I wonder what the conversations between him and Mary were like before the angel appeared to Joseph in his dream and put a different perspective on the whole event? Saying ‘yes’ to God was not a breeze for Joseph.

Even today, God continues to invite us to say ‘yes’ to his invitation to be part of his big plan of salvation. Making that decision is not always easy and doesn’t lead to a comfortable life. But it does lead to an adventure like no other!

We’ve had our own version of that at SBS this last year. The Penny Gospel project started out as something that felt quite big at the time, but also manageable – print 50,000 gospels. As it grew, God invited us to step out in faith and say ‘yes’ when we didn’t know for sure how things would work out, nor how we would pay for everything. Yet, the distribution of more than 750,000 Luke’s gospels across Scotland has been amazing.

As we look back on an exciting year we are so thankful to God that he keeps inviting us to say ‘yes’ to being part of his plan to build the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus here in Scotland and around the world.

May God give you grace and courage to say ‘yes’ to him this Christmas and throughout the New Year.


Elaine Duncan
Chief Executive