Community Bible Experience

A recent coffee with a church pastor raised an issue faced by many churches, “How can I encourage my church to read the Bible?” The conversation identified familiar trends: our churches value the Bible, but many people do not read it regularly; our Sunday services cover a few verses of scripture, but people don’t know the “big picture”; people want to establish a habit of Bible reading, but find it hard to sustain.

Thousands of churches all over the world have discovered a resource that has transformed their Bible reading: Community Bible Experience. Imagine your whole church reading the New Testament in 40 days – rediscovering the text, whole books, the big story – using a specially designed edition of the New Testament. Then imagine the conversations as the church gathers together in groups, sharing, learning and growing.

Now is the time to begin, the 40-day reading plan makes it an ideal resource for Lent. What better way to engage with the Easter story than by reading the New Testament that begins with those incredible events!

Community Bible Experience is being offered free to churches who will use the resource together. For more information about how it could work in your church contact or telephone Adrian on 0131 347 9821. You can also explore the free Community Bible Experience resources here.