A girl is taking a Gospel of John 1

Following the devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal, killing more than 8,000 people and leaving many homeless, our colleagues at the Nepal Bible Society have been supporting the aid effort by distributing packs that include mosquito nets, medicine, food, blankets and Scripture portions.

Thousands of people are still living in make-shift tents and there are fears that the summer monsoon will bring further landslides and the threat of disease. The first earthquake destroyed sewers and pipes leaving water supplies contaminated. The World Food Programme described its response to the earthquakes as “one of our most complex operations” due to Nepal’s difficult terrain. The Bible Society is using its church and volunteer network to help with aid and Scripture distribution.

Following the first earthquake, many international agencies on the ground are bringing emergency relief to Kathmandu and the worst affected locations. However, smaller remote communities remain out of reach. Our response is one of solidarity and compassion. The initial quake hit with such impact, it is impossible to bring help to all affected. However, we aim to supplement and help where we can. Through a big network of churches throughout cities, towns and villages, we aim to reach those unattainable by emergency relief.
Arun Sok Nhep, United Bible Societies spokesman for South East Asia

Thankfully, none of the Nepal Bible Society staff or their families were injured but some had to spend the nights outside in the cold and rain, and in shock in the aftermath of the earthquakes. In addition to providing aid and Scripture through its church and volunteer network, the Bible Society will begin to facilitate the replacement of Bibles for churches and Christian communities who have lost so much. They expect there to be a demand for Bible portions to provide comfort to those who are grieving as well as Scriptures that address the trauma of living through these devastating earthquakes and the effects on daily life. They will also assess Bible House which was severely damaged and staff may be unable to work from the building again.

Please continue to pray for this situation:

  • For comfort and healing to the millions of people affected by these earthquakes;
  • That essential aid would be distributed quickly;
  • For the Bible to play a central part in restoring the nation;
  • For the safety and health of the Nepal Bible Society staff.

If you feel that you can give financially to help the Nepal Bible Society, visit the project information page.