Monthly Archives: November 2015

God’s gift to Scotland this Christmas

A special edition of Luke’s Gospel has been designed with Christmas in mind. God’s Gift highlights the real meaning of Christmas through God’s Word describing the life of Jesus Christ, the Christmas child. Combined with children’s comments describing […]

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God’s Gift

Christmas Gift

In the offices of the Scottish Bible Society we were waiting like expectant children on Christmas morning. After months of planning, discussions over cover design, and many hours looking over drawings and quotes, God’s Gift – a special […]

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When does Christmas begin?

So when does Christmas begin? Friday 27th November. It is the day when Christmas begins. For this is Black Friday, the shopping phenomenon spreading worldwide from the United States, which retailers consider the beginning of the Christmas shopping […]

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Do this in remembrance of me

I recently read these words ‘…and now the torch and poppy red, we wear in honour of our dead…’. These are the words, spoken in 1918, by American teacher Moina Michael after she had been moved by Col. […]

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