A special edition of Luke’s Gospel has been designed with Christmas in mind. God’s Gift highlights the real meaning of Christmas through God’s Word describing the life of Jesus Christ, the Christmas child. Combined with children’s comments describing Christmas as they see it and an attractive cover design made to look like Christmas wrapping paper, it’s the ideal gift for churches, organisations and individuals to give to people this Christmas to share the Word of God with the people of Scotland.

“Most Christians see Christmas as a great opportunity to share their faith with family, friends, neighbours or colleagues who work who perhaps don’t know Jesus yet. This could be inviting them to Christmas carol services at church or children’s nativities. Or simply giving them a Christmas card or present to demonstrate God’s love. Our Christmas Gospel is a way of helping Christians to share God’s Word with others and is designed to provide a light-hearted but thought provoking reminder about the real meaning of Christmas. Our prayer is that every copy of God’s Gift is read and people come to know Jesus which we believe is the best Christmas gift they’ll ever receive.” Fiona McDonald, Director of National Ministries for the Scottish Bible Society

Fifty thousand copies of the book have been printed so far and is on sale from the Scottish Bible Society priced at 25p per copy*. God’s Gift is has been produced in partnership with Biblica Europe. Using an innovative NIV format, Luke is presented without chapters or verses allowing it to be read as a flowing narrative.

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