Christmas Gift

In the offices of the Scottish Bible Society we were waiting like expectant children on Christmas morning. After months of planning, discussions over cover design, and many hours looking over drawings and quotes, God’s Gift – a special Christmas edition of Luke’s gospel – had been sent to the printer, and the printed gospels were finally on their way.

Our magazine Alive & Active had last month featured a small preview of God’s Gift. Even before the gospels had arrived with us, the phone began to ring with churches around the country eager to order copies. As I write, over 2,500 gospels have already been delivered with many other sample copies have been sent to churches who intend to order – and the gospels only arrived with us five days ago!

Although work has been ongoing on this project for many months, the delivery of the gospels marks a special moment when we begin to get a sense of what God will do through the sending out of His Word into Scotland this Christmas. For throughout the land, in the houses and streets of the towns and cities where we live, there are others waiting too. As they enter again the frenzy of the Christmas shopping season, as plans are made for how to spend the holidays, as they carry on with life and all its ups and downs they are waiting for a word of light, a word of hope, a word of peace, a word of life. Though millions do not know exactly what it is they wait for, though they cannot name this deep sense of longing that wells up within for something to break in and change life, we do know and we can name the source and answer to this longing. His mother was told of his coming and of his mission when an angel appeared two thousand years ago to announce his advent and his name.

You are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.
Matthew 1:21 (NIV)

God's Gift - The Christmas GospelWill you be part of announcing God’s Gift to Scotland this Christmas? Will you take the gospel to the people around you? We often share stories from around the world of people who are waiting for Bibles, and of the amazing things that God does when God’s word is placed in their hands, and enters their heart. But the people of our nation are waiting too for someone to tell them the Good News of Jesus.

There are so many ways that this brilliant special edition gospel could be distributed this Christmas. We pray that God would use this resource to reach people this Christmas with the astonishing, life changing good news that came through Jesus Christ!

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Adrian Armstrong
Head of Bible Engagement