On the Road

As we continue to hear news reports of displaced people around the world, we remember the stories in the Bible of men, women and groups of people who leave their home countries and travel far and wide. Some go willingly, like Abraham who was called by God. Others are banished or forced to leave. Whilst some flee because their lives are in danger or simply because life is too hard if they stay where they are. Circumstances often force people to leave in the hope of finding a better life elsewhere.

‘On the road…A journey through the Bible for migrants’ is a booklet that takes the reader on a journey through 33 Bible passages. The seven chapters correspond to different stages of the journey and contains several Bible passages to read and think about. The booklet also contains stories of people who share their experience of leaving their home country.

Produced for the United Bible Societies fellowship, this resource is being used around the world to reach out to the people affected by leaving their home countries. It reinforces their faith in God or perhaps introduces them to the hope and comfort they can find in Jesus.

Churches have also found this resource useful for equipping their own people with appropriate Scripture when dealing with migrants, refugees or displaced people.

If you or your church currently work or will be working with people who may benefit from this resource, you can obtain English, Farsi or Arabic language copies here for £1 per copy (plus postage). For other language versions, please contact Pearl Liddle to discuss your requirements.

‘On the road…A journey through the Bible for migrants’ is produced by the French Bible Society.  Scripture quotations are from the Contemporary English Version of the Bible.