It’s about Jesus coming and getting presents.
James, 7

At the end of 2015 over 20,000 small red books were distributed across Scotland. Called God’s Gift and designed to look like a Christmas present these were copies of Luke’s Gospel, part designed by children and intended to be used as gifts from the church to those outside it.

In creating this unique evangelism tool, SBS were aware that in 2010 51% of the UK adult population claimed to no longer see the birth of Christ as relevant to their Christmas celebration. In response to these findings we asked school children what Christmas really means. Their answers were surprising, often witty and added a touch of warm humour to the content of God’s Gift. Such was the response to the book one church in Milngavie ordered 750 copies to be given out during the switching on of the towns’ Christmas lights. Other churches used them for nativity plays, Christmas food distributions and individuals placed them into cards for their neighbours.

The Gospels were well received at our Christmas Eve service (and hopefully being read by everyone who took them!) We were very pleased with them – what a great idea to make them look like a gift!
Member of Tranent Parish Church

Christmas gives the church a unique opportunity for outreach, a time when visitors are often welcomed into services who otherwise are unlikely to attend church. Likewise it is also a season when the church can be more involved in the local community, such as carol singing in shopping areas and attending school events.

God’s Gift brings an opportunity to place the Word of God into the hands of those around us at Christmastime, praying as we do so that every copy would be read.

As we plan ahead to Christmas 2016, why not consider how you might use God’s Gift as a present worth giving to those around you? Sample copies are available from Pearl Liddle on 0131 347 9822 / or you can order online here.