On 23rd July, the Abaluyia Christians of Kenya will receive a newly-translated Bible in their language of Oluluyia. Currently only available in an old dialect of Oluluyia, this new translation will enable Abaluyia Christians to connect with God’s Word. Many parts of the current Bible date back over 70 years and no longer reflect the language as it is currently spoken. The new Bible, which will be interconfessional, will be launched in Mumias, in the west of Kenya, where 2.5 million Abaluyia people live.

The Bible is eagerly awaited by speakers of Oluluyia, many of whom have no access to a Bible in the language they understand best.
Elizabeth Muriuki, General Secretary, Bible Society of Kenya

Elizabeth explains the effect that the outdated version has on both the older and younger Abaluyia generations:

Oluluyia Bible Launch PosterThe older generation have problems with words borrowed from remotely intelligible dialects which are used in the existing Oluluyia Bible, while the younger generation have problems with the overall language used, which they find ambiguous because it does not sound natural and clear. These concerns led to the Bible Society establishing a project in 1989 to provide a new common language Bible to the Abaluyia community. The New Testament was published in 2005. It has been very positively received and has been very effective in bringing the Churches together.

Please pray for the Abaluyia people as they await this newly-translated Bible. Pray that when they receive a copy their lives will be positively changed as they will finally be able to connect with God’s Word in a language that they understand. Pray for the Abaluyia people that do not yet know God that they might receive a copy of the new Oluluyia Bible and be transformed by His Word.