Thank you for supporting Bible Society projects in Brazil like the Light in Amazonia, where your prayers and financial gifts are helping bring hope and healing to the riverside people in Amazonia.
Marcia Carneiro, Bible Society of Brazil

On December 8, 1962, a small wooden boat set sail on the Amazon River with the goal of carrying out a special task: to bring hope and the comfort of God’s Word to riverside dwellers. Exclusion, isolation, illiteracy, child and slave labour, violence, sexual exploitation, disease, famine, and human trafficking are some of the many problems facing people living in riverside communities. Most homes do not have electric power, sewerage or piped water systems. In fact, the water used for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing all comes from the river; leaving many at risk of contracting water-borne diseases.

To meet these people’s needs, the Bible Society of Brazil launched the Light in Amazonia (Luz na Amazônia), an outreach programme that has been working to provide social, spiritual and medical assistance to communities facing situations of extreme need. It has been transforming people and communities now for over 50 years. The Light in Amazonia boat has been specially designed with medical consultation rooms, a laboratory and a pharmacy; and is staffed by doctors, dentists and other health care specialists who are providing medical check-ups and tests, dental assistance, physical therapy and, most important of all – spiritual teaching.

Marcia Carneiro, Communications Manager at the Bible Society of Brazil has already seen great change in the lives of riverside people in Amazonia in the past few years.

The Light in Amazonia is the light of God in the lives of these people. Their lives change because the Word of God is hope. These people feel the hope of God and they can be different, different because of the assistance and different because the Word of God can change their lives.

The programme is special; the partners and volunteers provide assistance in different areas, including legal areas, spiritual areas and the people’s lives change because of this programme.

For the last 54 years, staff and volunteers have faithfully served the people of the Amazonia region. While thousands of people are receiving treatment and meeting God for the first time, there is still plenty of work to be done.

First of all we would like everybody to pray for this programme but we also need the resources to continue and improve the programme. We need the funds to be able to attend more communities. In Amazonia there are 33,000 communities. It is a lot of people that need assistance and so we need more boats. We need to rebuild these boats and to do that we need resources, financial resources.

Over the past ten years, the Light in Amazonia programme has made 410 trips, benefiting 117,981 people, from 23,039 families, providing 258,363 medical procedures. Those results were reached with the support of 1,789 volunteers. With your support, more individuals, families and communities can be transformed through the life-changing Word of God.

We need to pray for the volunteers, the partners, and the people, the riverside people. We have to pray together.

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Prayer points:

  • Please pray for the on-going development of the programme, Luz na Amazonia in Brazil – that it would continue to bring hope and healing to the riverside peoples, who are in very real need of medical assistance and spiritual teaching.
  • Pray for the children of the riverside communities – that this programme would help lay a solid foundation for their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Thank God for the work of the Bible Society in Brazil and pray for the staff, volunteers and medical professionals who run Luz na Amazonia. Ask for God’s favour on that project in 2016 and that it would continue to be a real blessing to those who are living in poverty in the Amazonia.