In April we launched our appeal in Malawi to help support the Let the children encounter Christ programme. The project aims to make God’s Word more accessible to the thousands of Malawian children who are desperate to learn more about God and His love for them. It targets low and average income churches that cannot afford Bibles or teaching resources and distributes full colour children’s Bibles to them in both Chichewa and English languages. There is a severe lack of resources in Malawi’s churches to facilitate the massive numbers of children attending Sunday Schools and help them build their own special relationship with God. In rural Malawi, children often walk for two hours or more to attend Sunday school. Yet when they arrive, there are few teaching materials to engage them.

The children in these churches are left helpless and devastated. It’s very unlikely that their parents will be able to spare any money for a Bible. Malawi is going through turbulent economic times and people can hardly think of buying a Bible, let alone a children’s Bible.
Wongani Mhango, Youth and Children Officer

We are delighted to share the extremely encouraging news that we have received from Malawi of the positive effects that the project is having on thousands of children’s lives. These life-changing moments would not be possible without your support and so we want to say thank-you and share these encouraging words.

Michiru Sunday School Children displaying their new children's Bibles

Michiru Sunday School Children displaying their new children’s Bibles

Pastor Mizinga, a Sunday School teacher at Zambezi Evangelical church in Chilomoni talks about the great impact that these Bibles are having on the children in Malawi however he is conscious that there is still a huge need to be met. The children’s Bibles have been distributed amongst 15 churches so far and it is clear that the children who have received the Bibles treasure them dearly. The Bibles have given the children the motivation to never miss a Sunday School class.

Now our Sunday School is full every week!
Pastor Mizinga, Sunday school teacher, Zambezi Evangelical church

The children’s Bibles have not only changed the lives of the children who have received a copy but also of their friends and siblings around them. Angela, 10, from one of the Presbyterian churches in the slum areas of Ndirande, east of Blantyre, has been excitedly sharing the Bible stories with her two siblings at home.

They are really interested in knowing more!
Angela, Presbyterian church, Ndirande

Jane, a young girl from Winners Chapel, expressed her joy and love for her new children’s Bible.

I love reading my Bible! Why don’t we have a story re-telling competition? We could memorise Bible stories and then tell them to others and they would pass them on.
Jane, Winners Chapel

Jane’s ingenious idea will help with the shortage of children’s Bibles in her community as others will still be able to learn about the Good News even with the limited resources. Re-telling the stories of the Bible effectively utilises the story-telling tradition common in Malawian communities.

It is always so encouraging to hear about the successful work of Bible societies throughout the world and it is extremely heartening to get such positive feedback from somewhere that we have supported. Thanks to the prayers and generous financial gifts of our supporters, we have been able to positively change children’s lives in Malawi by providing them with children’s Bibles in their own native language.

There are still so many children in Malawi desperate to discover God’s Word. Please give a gift today and help more children like Angela and Jane.

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