As the crisis in Ukraine continues to develop, there has been less coverage about the violence and events that are taking place in the country. Despite this, we have received encouraging news from our colleagues at the Bible Society in Ukraine as the hunger for God’s Word continues to grow. Many people are seeking comfort in Scriptures as they become displaced and experience loss and violence at the hands of war.

One of our colleagues from the Ukrainian Bible Society shares a particularly comforting story after an encounter he had with a young woman and her son.

 I’d been feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of my work, and I really needed a break. In the park, I saw a young woman and small boy, aged around seven, sitting on a bench reading the Children’s Bible from our Bible Society, the one that we’d distributed to families affected by the conflict in the east of the country. At first I hesitated to approach her, because my mind was still full of work issues, but now I praise God that I did, because her story was so encouraging.
Representative from the Ukrainian Bible Society

The woman described to him the desperate situation she had found herself in and the pain the war had brought upon her and her family. They had come to Kiev so that her husband could receive treatment at the military hospital after being wounded during the fighting in the east. Looking for some comfort, she began to attend a church in Kiev. There she met some Bible Society volunteers who gave her son the Children’s Bible.

We’ve been reading it together for two whole days. In some miraculous way, it’s taking away our fear and pain. Now we know that God is with us. It was God who sent people from the Church to us. They even invited us to stay with them because we had nowhere to live. The God who I didn’t know before has come to us through this book!
Young woman affected by the conflict in Ukraine

It is encouraging to hear that through the power of God’s Word people’s lives are positively changing and that even in the darkest of times He is able to provide comfort and hope through His Word.

The young woman didn’t want me to take her photo, but I will still easily remember her. She reminded me that the Bible can help so many people in different circumstances. We don’t meet most of them, but God knows their needs and comes to them.
Representative from the Ukrainian Bible Society

Join us in Prayer

  • Pray for the situation in Ukraine, that it will be resolved and that peace will be restored throughout the country.
  • Pray for those affected by the war that they will know God’s love and find comfort and hope in Him.
  • Pray for the work of the Ukrainian Bible Society as they continue to distribute God’s Word and help to bring comfort to those who desperately need it.

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