Jamie Stuart, beloved Christian author and evangelist, passed away on 28 July 2016, aged 95.

Jamie lived his life to the full; he was a former athlete and successful actor when he decided to turn his talents to writing – publishing A Scots Gospel in 1985. Inspired by Alec McCowan’s one-man performance of Mark’s Gospel, Jamie later recalled:

I thought – here was an English actor coming up and performing the Gospel in English. It could be done in Scots.

However it was later in the early 90s that Jamie found his international fame with The Glasgow Gospel – which tells the stories of the Gospel in the everyday language of Glaswegians. At the age of 71, he became a bestselling author and went on to share The Glasgow Gospel in both audio and video versions – spreading God’s Word and positively impacting many lives. He followed up with another book, Auld Testament Tales, which was later combined with The Glasgow Gospel to make one single volume, A Glasgow Bible.

Jamie Stuart lived his life to serve and honour the Lord, in his autobiography, Still Running, he said:

Life really is what you make it and, for me, the power of prayer and the belief in Jesus Christ has given me so much happiness. People ask me everywhere I go ‘what gives you this energy?’ and I always tell them – the power of prayer. It has always helped me, sometimes within minutes.