The eyes of the world were on Rio de Janeiro this August, as millions of people from all over the world gathered together to celebrate the Olympic Games.

The Bible Society of Brazil took to the busy streets of Rio de Janeiro with copies of Rio!, a booklet for young people and adults and copies of Rio Fun!, a Scripture-based colouring book for children and distributed them amongst the crowds. The booklets which were designed to align God’s Word with a sporting theme were extremely well received and the Bible Society was greatly encouraged by the huge amount of interest that the Scriptures garnered.

The Bible Society managed to distribute 100,000 copies of Rio!, designed for both young people and adults, and 50,000 copies of Rio Fun!, for children. The team also handed out thousands of Bible Selections in English and Spanish, and the Gospel of John in Arabic, German, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, French and Russian.

rs74081_rioDue to their quality and significant contents, the materials were widely accepted.
Acyr de Gerone Junior, Regional Secretary, Bible Society of Brazil

The Rio! and Rio Fun! booklets in particular attracted a lot of attention because of their theme.

These publications focus on sport, so they gained people’s attention in the Olympic environment. They were very effective in allowing people to be touched by God’s Word.
Erní Seibert, Communications, Social Outreach & Fundraising Secretary, Bible Society of Brazil

It’s encouraging to hear of the successful work of the Bible Society in Brazil and of the great opportunity they found to celebrate God’s Word at the world’s biggest sporting event.

We give thanks for their work and the great enthusiasm that surrounded these booklets. Pray that the Scriptures will impact those who received them and God’s Word will speak into their lives.