Bible study groups at Blantyre Old Parish Church are currently using the Poverty and Justice Bibles thanks to an innovative competition held by the Scottish Bible Society.

The church was the competition winner of our Brazil prize draw at the annual Church of Scotland Heart & Soul event, which was held in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens in May. Event attendees were encouraged to enter the competition at our marquee with the chance to win 12 of these special edition Bibles.

Decorated with vivid imagery and Brazilian flags, the exhibit was designed to educate and inspire attendees about our work in Amazonia. Onlookers were informed about the Bible Society of Brazil and their holistic approach to delivering medical care and spiritual counselling to impoverished and vulnerable people living in the Amazon rainforest.

The Poverty and Justice Bibles are specially designed and formatted for those who want to study the Bible through a social justice lens. These Bibles contain hundreds of highlighted verses that emphasise God’s heart for social justice, a comprehensive study guide to support individual research and group discussion, as well as practical suggestions on how individuals can make a difference in the lives of the poor and oppressed.

We are delighted that a local church is using these special Bibles in their own study groups. Norman Liddle, Community Partnership Manager at SBS, presented the Bibles to Reverend Sarah Ross from Blantyre Old Parish Church, in a special presentation on 4 September.

Norman Liddle awarding Rev Sarah Ross at Blantyre Old Parish Church

Norman Liddle presenting the Bibles to Elizabeth Freer from Blantyre Old Parish Church

Rev. Sarah Ross from Blantyre Old Parish Church said: “We are thrilled to have won these unique Bibles, as we know that our congregation will value reading through the Scriptures with a focus on social justice issues. We want to thank the Scottish Bible Society for providing us with this special resource.”

Norman Liddle, Community Partnership Manager at SBS, commented: “It was a pleasure to visit Blantyre Old Parish Church and be encouraged by their enthusiasm to engage with God’s Word. The Scottish Bible Society aims to equip churches across Scotland with resources that deepen people’s knowledge, experience and confidence in God’s Word. Through our relationships with individuals, churches and communities, together we can pray and help people around the world to also receive God’s Word so that they too encounter the transformative power of the Bible.”

We also want to thank those who attended the Heart & Soul event in May and who visited our stand to learn about our work in Amazonia. Please continue to pray for the work in Brazil, that many more would experience the hope and comfort from knowing Jesus Christ and reading God’s Word.