As we receive more news from the Ukrainian Bible Society, it is a message of both sadness and hope. God’s Word continues to impact many lives, but they continue to witness death and destruction in their nation.

It is difficult because many people are suffering loss of their family members and friends in this unannounced, horrible war. On the other hand, it is a time of unprecedented opportunities to bring the Word of God to the wounded, disappointed, frightened, lost and despaired hearts of hundreds of thousands of our country’s inhabitants.
Anatoliy Raychynets, Deputy General Secretary, Ukrainian Bible Society

Last week, a meeting was held by the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organisations, which the Ukrainian Bible Society attended, in order to discuss topics surrounding stopping the war, establishment of peace and healing people’s wounds.

Two women, who have suffered great pain as a result of the war, attended the meeting. One of the woman’s sons has been held captive for over two years by insurgents, and the other’s husband had suffered the same fate. At the meeting they shared the pain and fear that they have because of the violence and inhumanity that their loved ones will face in captivity.

For two years, we have begged for help from everyone we could, even appealing to the Ukrainian President and ambassadors of foreign countries. But no one has been able to help us so we are coming to you, religious leaders, as our last resort – please help us!
A Ukrainian woman, victim to the war

The Head of the Security Service spoke words of encouragement to those who attended the meeting, reminding them that all hope is not lost.

Photo copyright © Sodel Vlad

Photo copyright © Sodel Vlad

I believe we could do much more with the Word of God than with weapons or other means in this situation. Many boys I saw here in the warzone in the beginning of 2014 were atheists but they are sincere believers now because you are bringing the Word of God to them. I beg you, please help drying tears of the mothers and wives of 109 Ukrainian soldiers who are currently being held captive by the enemy.
General Grytsak, Head of Security Service, Ukraine

General Grytsak then went on to ask the Ukrainian Bible Society for 800 Bibles for the officers that were sent to the frontline recently and for Children’s Bibles to give their children as Christmas gifts.

As we were travelling by train back to Kyiv, we unanimously agreed that the current opportunities open to the Bible Society are unique and that so many more people are still waiting for the Word of God.
Anatoliy Raychynets, Deputy General Secretary, Ukrainian Bible Society

It is amazing to hear that throughout this devastating time, the Bible Society staff in Ukraine are focused on their work and their goal of bringing the Word to the world.

Join us in Prayer

  • Pray for the people of Ukraine that they will find comfort and hope in God’s Word.
  • Pray for the Bible Society staff as they continue their mission despite the difficult conditions.
  • Pray that stability and peace will be restored to the country of Ukraine.

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