Our colleagues at the Bible Society of Brazil are at the forefront of Scripture production and distribution throughout the world. In 2015 alone, they distributed 7.62 million Bibles, more than all other countries in the world combined. This year they have reached the milestone of producing 150 million Bibles and New Testaments since the opening of the Bible Press in 1995.

According to the Bible Society of Brazil’s Executive Director, this milestone has been accomplished as a result of the engagement of Brazil’s churches, whose mission of bringing the Word to the world can only be efficiently completed through the distribution of Bibles.

In recent decades, more than in any other period, Brazilian churches have been increasingly involved in spreading the Word, thus making Brazil the largest field of Holy Scripture distribution around the world today.
Rudi Zimmer, Executive Director, Bible Society of Brazil

Rudi Zimmer also mentioned, that due to the high number of missionaries that Brazilian churches send to different parts of the world, they are continuing to contribute to the expansion of the Bible cause. However he recognises that there are still a number of challenges facing the Bible Society as they continue to spread God’s Word.

In Brazil, we are facing a political, social and economic crisis that also greatly affects the distribution of God’s Word.
Rudi Zimmer, Executive Director, Bible Society of Brazil

In the global spotlight

Opened in 1995, the Bible Press has been essential for the Society to accomplish its mission of spreading God’s Word. The Bible Press has allowed for the Bible Society of Brazil to export to more than 100 countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. About 20% of all Scriptures produced are shipped abroad. It ships Scriptures in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Arabic and even Yoruba, a language spoken in some African countries.

During the production process. Neide loves working so closely with the Bible.

During the production process at Bible Press. Neide loves working so closely with the Bible.

We are committed to and involved in the mission of spreading God’s Word with quality and innovation.
Luiz Forlim, Secretary of the Bible Press

Those committed to the Bible cause highlight the importance of offering Scriptures to a diverse audience.

By translating, publishing and distributing the Bible we can make Jesus’ message of life reach everyone in Brazil. We try to develop and publish, for each group, Scriptures in proper formats and languages.
Paulo Teixeira, Translation and Publishing Secretary, Bible Society of Brazil

The Society helps to produce Scriptures for those with visual and hearing impairments, and Bibles suitable for children and young people. It also targets the sick, prison inmates, immigrants, students, families, pastors and Christian leaders. They also offer the Bible in digital formats, such as apps and e-books.

It is clear that the Bible Society of Brazil plays a key role in the global mission of the Bible Society movement, and we are particularly grateful for its commitment to bringing God’s Word to vulnerable people.
Michael Perreau, Director General, United Bible Societies

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the Bible Society of Brazil as they continue to impact many people’s lives with their work.
  • Pray that as they continue to contribute to the global Bible Societies’ mission of spreading God’s Word that people all over the world will encounter God’s life-changing message.