This young boy, who lives in an orphanage run by St Thomas Academy Trust, was happy to get a Bible from the Bible Society of India.

Because of your prayers and support in 2016, you have helped change lives around the world.

Last year, you helped us reach over 9,000 people in Malawi with the life-changing Word of God. The Good Samaritan project, which uses the teaching from the parable, works to educate and reduce the number of people infected, and affected, by HIV; as well as to end the stigma and discrimination that HIV sufferers can face within society in Malawi.


Thanks to your prayers and support, this project enabled over 6,000 people to voluntarily undergo HIV screening; over 9,000 people participated in training and educational workshops; over 3,440 people who are living with HIV received assistance such as food, clothes, home based care services and counselling; and churches have established over 15 support groups to help people living with HIV, widows, orphans and people with disabilities.

Refugee man reading Scriptures in aid camp

Refugee man reading Scriptures in aid camp

Another one of the Partnership projects supported last year was in Iraq, delivering trauma healing counselling to refugees who are displaced and are struggling to cope with ongoing trauma as a result of the conflict in the Middle East. By December 2016, through your generous financial gifts and with your prayer support, we were able to reach over 150 families and provide over 750 Scripture portions. Your help has meant that thousands of refugees are experiencing healing through the life-changing message of the Bible.


Blind school children singing with Braille Bibles in Kampala, Uganda.

Over 1 million people in Uganda are blind, and with your support the Bible Society has been distributing Scriptures in Braille to Ugandans with visual impairments. One Ugandan girl, Sabrina, was born blind and longed for a copy of a Braille Bible. She was able to receive a Scripture portion in Braille and says, “I am happy I will get the Book of Psalms. I am so happy and grateful to God for this opportunity.” Thanks to your support, Sabrina can now engage with God’s Word in a format that is suitable for her.


Boy carrying a bowl filled with dung in Gujranwala, Pakistan.

In Pakistan, you helped the Bible Society to set up 6 medical camps in villages. People living in poverty in remote areas with no access to hospitals have been able to have a medical check-up and receive treatment. In each camp, 350-400 patients have been reached. As part of this project, Bibles have been distributed among these people, many of whom did not previously have a copy of God’s Word. There was great emotion and excitement as people received their Bibles and medicines!

Thank you also for praying! Your prayers are so important. To know that they are being supported by regular prayer means so much to our colleagues in Bible Societies around the world, who often work in challenging circumstances.

On behalf of everyone who received their own Bible this year, thank you for your generous support.