Last October, Hurricane Matthew, a Category Four storm, struck Haiti. The country, which is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, has still not recovered from an earthquake that devastated the nation back in 2010. More than 2,000,000 Haitians were directly affected by the storm, including 55,000 who were previously living in tents and had to find shelter during the hurricane.

The old Bible House of the Haitian Bible Society, which was badly damaged in the earthquake in January 2010. Port-au-Prince, Haiti.



However, in the wake of this disaster, Haitians who are still in shock and mourning have been able to find comfort and hope in God’s Word. Together with local churches and partners, the Haitian Bible Society is providing 200,000 copies of the Scripture Portion “God is our Shelter and Strength” in Creole and French and 2,000 copies of the New Testament to local churches. The “God is our Shelter and Strength” Scripture Portion contains selections from God’s Word that speak to people who have experienced tragedy and loss. Through engaging with God’s Word, survivors are being reminded of the hope, love and comfort that comes from God, even in the midst of great trials.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the country of Haiti that has experienced devastating loss and tragedy as a result of Hurricane Matthew and other natural disasters.
  • Pray for local governments, aid organisations and all those who are involved in alleviating the crisis and providing physical, emotional and spiritual aid to those in great need.
  • Pray for the Haitian people to experience peace and comfort that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. Pray that as more people read the Bible, they would encounter God and lives and communities would be transformed.

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