UBS Day of Prayer 2017

The Scottish Bible Society is a founder member of the United Bible Societies – Bible Societies at work in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Today marks the 71st anniversary of the founding of the United Bible Societies.

In 1946, following the aftermath of World War 2, a world fellowship was established with 13 founding Bible Societies. In 1948, the first full meeting took place in Dunblane.

Marking this day provides a powerful opportunity to express our unity as a global family of Bible Societies. Every year, we come together to pray for our shared mission, to take the time to thank God for his generous provision to us, and seek God’s blessing on our work and relationships.

As we celebrate our unity in Christ, and continue to seek God’s guidance and wisdom for our mission, the Rev Dr Ottó Pecsuk, General Secretary of the Hungarian Bible Society has shared the prayer below for the UBS Day of Prayer 2017. Please join us in praying for our work and mission.

Gracious God, we thank you for your blessings in the field of Bible mission across the world.

We thank you for the Bible Society movement and for everyone involved in it over the past 213 years. We praise you for Bible Societies with two or more centuries of work, and for newer ones who joined our global family recently.

We give special thanks for dedication and scholarship in Bible translation, skills and quality in Bible production, creativity and courage in Bible distribution, and wisdom and sensitivity in Bible engagement and advocacy.

Lord Jesus Christ, we give thanks that through the Reformation you guided your Church back to your Word. We praise you for providing committed and faithful supporters of the Bible cause, who make the Bible accessible and available in the heart languages of so many people.

We thank you for all the opportunities across the world. Prepare us, give us wisdom and bind us together in unity – Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants.

Group photo, UBS World Assembly, May 2016

Help us to make you and your Word better known and loved as we continue to work in our common mission, to share your message of love and redemption. Bless our efforts, so we will serve the growth and strengthening of the Christian Church.

Holy Spirit, we pray for those who suffer for your Word and for the faith. May their sacrifice and faithfulness inspire us in our daily lives and struggles. The blood of martyrs has always been a seed sown in fertile soil. May we not forget the duty of solidarity and compassion.

As we move ahead in Bible mission, guided by the Philadelphia Promise, let us live and work as brothers and sisters in faith, as witnesses of your inspired Word, the Holy Scriptures.