Bible Sunday

Bible Sunday is celebrated annually with churches using the same Bible passage as their focus so that across Scotland we join together to celebrate God’s Word. It’s a time when we remember the continuing impact the Bible has on individuals and communities in Scotland and throughout the world. Norman Liddle, Community Partnership Manager for the Scottish Bible Society (SBS), recounts one such celebration from last year.

Do you like visiting art galleries or museums? Let me share with you my experience of visiting the Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling – a visit to an art gallery with a twist. I wasn’t there to enjoy any of the 40,000 great objects, artworks and photographs on show there. It is where the Stirling Free Church meets and I was joining with them to celebrate Bible Sunday.

This was my first time visiting the Free Church in Stirling and it was great to have fellowship with around fifty people who all have a passion for God’s Word – a passion to read and study it and share it with others in Scotland and overseas. As well as worshipping our great God together we looked at the staggering statistic that there are still 350,000,000 people in the world today who do not have even a single book of the Bible in their heart language.

We were challenged by the hunger for God’s Word in countries like China, Iraq, Malawi and Brazil to mention just a few. How do we redress the imbalance of the ready accessibility to the Bible we have in Scotland compared to the over four thousand languages in the world with no Bible translation? By coming together on Bible Sunday to give thanks to God, worship together in fellowship and to pray for the spreading of his Word, churches like the Free Church in Stirling give us great encouragement knowing that they are partners with SBS in our mission.

With thanks to the Free Church in Stirling for their kind invitation and next time I’ll arrive a little bit earlier to spend some time in the art gallery and museum too.

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Norman Liddle
Community Partnership Manager