The Bible

Working closely within the realm of our Bible Engagement work, a new Bible Advocacy role has been freshly launched here at the Scottish Bible Society. It’s an exciting privilege indeed to have been welcomed into the wider National Ministries department with the remit of advocating for the Bible in both the secular and sacred spaces of society.

As I explain more in the short film below, the Bible is easily the most famous book in world history. I would hazard to guess that most believers are aware of the statistics that highlight its sales-trumping authority, year on year, and its unique soundness in terms of historical reliability.

Beautiful Glory

But knowing that the Bible is a living book of divine authority doesn’t always help us, does it? Instead, we need to again feel the weight of its beautiful glory and recognise anew that because we get to wake up with it every morning, with any interest in it whatsoever, with any appetite to give it any thought at all, is nothing less than an astounding, daily miracle in our midst and an almost unbelievable grace from heaven. A. W. Tozer calls this “prevenient drawing” – the God of love loving us first.

The Challenge

Of course, conversely, millions of people in Scotland are unaware of this love (another weight for us to also feel). Therefore, we’re excited about the potential fruitfulness ahead as this important work of “advocating for the Bible” begins to take shape.

Personally, whenever I pick up my Bible, whether on the bus or on my favourite seat in peace and quiet at home, or whenever I have the privilege of speaking, I often pray King David’s prayer of Psalm 119:18 before I even allow my gaze to fall on the text:

“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law”.

Exciting times ahead

This is my prayer for you reading this today: that you would increasingly feel the type of glory – see the wonderful things – that propel us all into Bible advocacy in one form or another.

Please take a moment to watch this short film and consider sharing with any other friends or colleagues who might also be encouraged by this new and exciting focus on Bible advocacy.


Nick Franks.
Bible Advocacy Manager