When a community receives the Scriptures in their language, something profound happens.

People feel that God is speaking directly to them, from among them.

“God speaks my language!” is a common joyful reaction as they start to experience the hope and transformation of the Bible.

Progress made in Bible translation

According to the latest United Bible Societies Global Scripture Access Report, 81% of the world’s population now have access to a full Bible in their heart language, and this is great news!

2017 saw first full-Bible translations for the Elomwe and Txitxopi (Chopi) languages in Mozambique, collectively reaching over 2.5 million people, while in Turkmenistan, over 7 million now have access to the full Bible in the native Turkmen language.

Closer to home

Here in Scotland, SBS completed the modern translation of the Scottish Gaelic New Testament back in November. There are an estimated 60,000 Gaelic speakers in this country and this new translation is aimed at the ‘new Gaelic’ speakers. Find out more about the New Testament in the New Gaelic Translation.

We want to make the gospel message as clear today as when it was first written. Therefore we accepted it was time for a new translation from Greek into Gaelic. This fresh translation is aimed at a younger generation.
Elaine Duncan, Chief Executive, Scottish Bible Society

Global Scripture Access Report

The Bible continues to change lives here in Scotland and around the world, our colleagues at United Bible Societies (UBS) produced a Scripture Access Report for 2017 which highlights some of the great things that Bible Societies are doing in Bible translation work.

Please continue to pray for our colleagues in other countries as they try to reach the some 600 million people who do not yet possess a full Bible in their heart language.

To read the 2017 Global Scripture Access report please follow the link below.