The Okrika people of Nigeria have waited for years to read the Bible in their heart language.

In fact, translation work started back in 1971 but was delayed because of various problems.

Only eight of the 36 people who worked on the translation were alive for the launch.

The long wait for the full Scriptures in the Okrika language meant that the dedication ceremony in March 2018 was so well-attended that St Peter’s Cathedral in Okrika could not fit the Christians who gathered.

And amongst the crowds of people, four kings gathered to express their joy!

King Acheseimimie Frank is one of the traditional rulers of the Okrika people in Rivers State of southern Nigeria.

He summed up the mood at the ceremony by saying:

If it were possible to see inside my heart you would see how happy I am that we finally have our Bible.

As well as the new translation being a useful tool in fully understanding God’s Word and helping church leaders to preach to the near 250,000 Okrika speakers, King T.E Ogube urged people to use the new Bible to bring religious harmony to the community and to Rivers State.

Nearly all of the 5,200 copies of the Okrika Bible were sold out within a month of the launch.

Please pray for this new translation, that it will transform lives and that it will be used as an outreach tool for the Okrika speakers of southern Nigeria.