Bible Sunday

Bible SundayWhat would happen in Scotland if every church in the nation set aside a day to gather around the Bible?

How would our churches be changed if we took a day to remind our people of the transforming power of the Word of God, to share stories of the impact of the Bible in our community and throughout the world?

What would happen if churches in our nation united around the Bible on the same day and declared the truth and power of God’s word in their community?

Every year, the Scottish Bible Society invites churches around Scotland to do just that through celebrating Bible Sunday.

Bible Sunday provides an opportunity for churches across Scotland to focus their Sunday service on the Bible, with churches reading the same Bible passage and joining together across the nation to celebrate God’s Word.

No matter how small or large your church is, Bible Sunday is for you.

The Scottish Bible Society provides free resources to enable churches across Scotland to participate in Bible Sunday. In addition to a sermon based on the Bible Sunday passage, these resources include:

  • All-age material
  • Prayers
  • Bible studies
  • Posters to help publicise Bible Sunday

In 2017, an estimated 400 churches around Scotland took part in Bible Sunday. Since 2012, Bible Sunday resources have been downloaded nearly 30,000 times.

This year, Bible Sunday is being held on Sunday 28th October. Will your church join with churches around the nation to set aside this day to celebrate the transforming impact of God’s word?

To get involved, sign up the Bible Sunday Scotland website.