It was exciting to watch the downloads for a “Tale of Two Gardens” PowerPoint increase daily as we approached Easter.

The actual downloads are not what made it exciting but the knowledge that each one of them meant that the story of Easter was being shared in a variety of contexts across Scotland and further afield.

It was encouraging to receive so many messages that told stories of people doing exactly that. Here are two of the comments we received…

We used this at our Messy Church on Wednesday night. We prerecorded the narrative and played it alongside the PowerPoint. You could have heard a pin drop! Was a great tool to use!


We used this on Sunday and in school assemblies. Really focused everyone! Thanks!

The stunning illustrations we used for this resource are from our series of Bibleworld Books.

We are currently designing resources to accompany the books. These have been carefully written to promote literacy and learning within the guidelines of the school curriculum in Scotland.

This is a valuable community project, drawing the three strands of family, church and school together and forming stronger relationships between all three.

The books are designed to help congregations share stories from the Bible with children while creating a fun community experience, while also helping them with literacy skills.

If you are interested in finding out more about Bibleworld Books please click here.