The need for Bible-based Trauma Healing

Last month, in conversation with a prison chaplain, he remarked that the waiting list for professional counselling services within his area was 44 weeks.

Two months short of a year, four weeks longer than a pregnancy or 308 days in total.

Trauma Healing

For anyone, inmate or otherwise, who has already reached the end of their emotional reserve, with an empty hollow in their soul, whose thoughts are grim, their laughter gone and their future uncertain, support needs to come sooner than that.

Called to love unconditionally, the church is uniquely placed to offer this kind of care simply because we intentionally reach out to the lost.

We deliberately seek to comfort the weak and refuse to shy away from that which causes the greatest emotional pain.

We walk with the grief stricken, we talk openly of suffering and we bury the dead.

In short, the love of Christ through the church, has always been the healing balm for the human soul.

The beginning

In recent months, SBS has introduced the Trauma Healing course to churches in Scotland.

A Bible-based resource using a facilitated group format which provides a degree of emotional well-being to those in need.

It is not a replacement for the work of the counselling services but rather an additional support where individuals draw closer to God and each other from a place of suffering.

The response

…a most useful and comforting resource for me at a time in my life when I was extremely vulnerable and questioning why a particular event had occurred which caused me such sorrow.

We are more used to hearing of the Trauma Healing course being used in distant war-torn lands or refugee camps, but since introducing groups in Scotland we have seen lives transformed in our own cultural context.

Writing about painful experiences is all very well but being able to take these pieces of paper and give them to Jesus who died on the cross for us is so much more powerful.

The resource empathises with people where they are in their suffering, it takes them to the Bible to demonstrate God’s understanding, comfort and support and it engages them through activities designed to begin the healing process, pointing the way to the Cross.

We learned from Scripture about many of God’s people who experienced suffering and learned how He cares for us and enables us to have healing in our hearts. We discussed the narratives in the book where we read about “real” people who had experienced trauma in its various forms and saw how we could apply it to our own situations. For myself, knowing and discussing the fact that when Christ went to The Cross He took not only all our sin but also all our pain when he suffered there, was so reassuring.

What next?

Encouraged by the fruitfulness of this resource SBS is hosting another group facilitators training week 17th to 21st September 2018. For enquiries or further information please email or call 0131 347 9822.

Note: the comments quoted within this article are kindly provided from THC groups held within Scotland this year. Unedited, these comments have been intentionally anonymized.