Trauma Healing
Trauma Healing

“Bible-based Trauma Healing is at the forefront of global mission.”

Kellye Stelling, Trauma Healing Training Facilitator

Bible-based Trauma Healing originated from the conflict and distress of warn torn communities in Africa. Now available in over 120 languages, it is used by Bible Societies around the world to help people experiencing grief, depression and loss move forward in their lives.

Using a model of group facilitation, and with the Bible at the heart, the resource is proving to be of value in churches and congregations in Scotland today. A church leader at a recent Trauma Healing training event, commented:

“Every church in Scotland should run this course.”

A listening exercise with church leaders at the end of 2017 confirmed the need in our nation for a resource which would empower churches to provide Biblical and practical support in their communities.

In response the Scottish Bible Society ran its first training event for Trauma Healing group facilitators in January 2018.  This event filled quickly and such was the demand a second training event was held in September for a twenty further trainee facilitators.

Many of those attending this second training week came as a result of the positive testimonies from those who had been the early pioneers of Trauma Healing in their communities. The need is great. The opportunity is amazing. As one attendee commented, “The potential for the Gospel through this material is huge.”

Following an intensive and instructive week, participants on the course returned to their churches and communities equipped to run Bible-based Trauma Healing groups in their own local context.

Here are just some of the responses of those who attended:

“The training enthused me to bring this material to my church.”  ~  “I feel more able to help others as part of a ‘community of the broken.’”  ~  “I feel better equipped to help others.”

But Trauma Healing does far more than simply help people deal in a Biblical way with the losses they have endured: it develops a culture where the Bible is central, where God is invited to do His transforming work in the midst of pain and difficulty, and where people are empowered to play their part in supporting and helping others as Church.

Many attending the training noted the strategic value of the resource to enable their churches to deliver a quality and quantity of pastoral care beyond their current capacity.

The Scottish Bible Society is committed to seeing this incredible resource multiply in our nation, that many more people might be equipped to run courses, that many more churches might get involved, so that countless lives might be transformed. Because here in Scotland we are discovering afresh that the Bible really does change broken lives.

To register your interest in the next Trauma Healing facilitators training  event or find out more about the resource, please email or call 0131 347 9822.