Bibleworld Books Christmas PowerPoints

Free for download  – Bright, colourful images to help your church tell the Christmas Story.

Bibleworld Books Christmas PowerPointsWe are delighted to provide you with two free downloadable PowerPoints containing the images from our Bibleworld Books series to use with children, families and all ages together as we travel through Advent and prepare to celebrate Christmas together.

You could use these PowerPoints at a service or event to tell the story. You could also use individual images from the PowerPoint to create spaces where the story can be explored and chatted about. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Mary and the Angel

(Download here)

Slide 12 – Mary said to God that she would do what he wanted. Chat together about what God wants us to do (it won’t be giving birth to his son, that was a one-off event!). Have a large piece of black paper available and provide cut-out angel shapes for everyone to draw or write on something they think God might be asking them to do today, this Christmas, or in the coming year. Stick the angels on the black “sky”.

Slide 17 – Mary was so happy that she sang a song to God. As a group, or on your own, write a few lines of a song to God together: what would you thank him for; what would sing about? Stick it up on the wall or take it home with you, if you, or someone else in your Church family can make up music. What music could you put to your words?


Jesus is Born

(Download here)

Slide 7 – There was no room at the inn for Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Have Lego available and build an Inn with a stable together, adding some animals if you can. While you build, chat about what it must have felt like for Mary and Joseph not having a proper place to stay? How do people feel today who have nowhere to stay? How can we help them? What can we do this Christmas to welcome people into our Christmas celebrations, and how can we make sure Jesus doesn’t get left out in all we do?

Slide 19 – Mary treasured everything in her heart. Have a treasure hunt around the building you are in, following clues which build up the Christmas story. Each clue leads the players to the next clue which contains another piece of text/image from the story. At the final clue (which should be the final part of the story where Mary and Joseph go to the temple and Mary is described as treasuring all these things in her heart) there should be a large “treasure box” filled with chocolate coins, which can be shared amongst the families. As everyone enjoys their chocolate, chat together about which part of the Christmas story you will “treasure” this Christmas, which part do you want to take away with you and think about often?

We do hope that these free resources will help children and their families meet with Jesus in a new way this Christmas, as they reflect, read and wonder about the good news of great joy that the Saviour is born!

The images used in both of these PowerPoint resources are taken from the Christmas Series of our Bibleworld Books. You can purchase them here!