‘Coorie’ in

Winter is dark and cold, but it does give us things that we may miss out on in the lighter summer months. We have opportunities to ‘coorie’, an ancient Scottish word describing a chance to snuggle! This word is currently receiving some attention; it is being offered as a contemporary way of achieving well-being, as we are encouraged to live more simply and enjoy traditional Scottish ways of living.

I am convinced that sitting down with a child and reading a book together is definitely a chance to coorie! It is even better to do this with a book that tells part of God’s great story, and we are delighted to offer you the chance to buy two eye-catching books that retell the Christmas story for young children – Mary and the Angel and Jesus is Born.

The original Christmas story

These special editions from Bibleworld Books provide the perfect opportunity to sit down with a child and read the story of the incarnation, that in so many ways is the opposite of a soft, feel good experience!

Bibleworld Books Christmas Series

It is a radical, dynamic, messy, uncomfortable and disturbing story of God coming into our world, into the reality of what being human is all about – born to a poor family, in a war torn country, surrounded by risk and uncertainty.

This is our God: a God who loves us so much that he didn’t leave us alone, but became fully human and lived and died and rose again for us. What a story to share this Christmas!

Sharing Christmas with children

Bibleworld Books have been carefully designed to help congregations support children with their literacy development while engaging with stories from the Bible. The books are normally only available to those wishing to run book groups in their community, however as a special Christmas offer, we have released Mary and the Angel and Jesus is Born for everyone!

The books come as a pair for only £5 (not including P & P) and are a fantastic gift for families with younger children. Click the links below to preview the first pages of the book as an online sample.

Look Inside: Jesus is Born Look Inside: Mary and the Angel

We have also used the images in these books to create two free PowerPoint resources, to help you tell the Christmas story to all ages in a church context. You can download these free PowerPoint resources here.

Jen Robertson
Children’s Resource Manager

To order Bibleworld Books Christmas Series, go to the new Bibleworld website.