A new Bibleworld Books website, with free downloadable resources, has now been launched!

A Bibleworld Books session

Bibleworld Books provides a Bible-based reading resource to enable church volunteers to get alongside children to help build confidence in their reading skills, while having fun exploring Bible stories.

Run as a book club, it can be held weekly after school or lunch time, and has been designed to fit around school term times.

However, you can take this resource and fit it in to a variety of contexts which will work for you and the children you are spending time with.

There has been a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes with Bibleworld Books the past year.

Our resources have all been updated and provide a full and exciting package of ideas to help you run Bibleworld Book groups with children in your local community.

Our new website includes images and films to make the activities easy to understand and use in different contexts.

All four series of the books are now available, and we have created several free PowerPoints using the images from the books to be used to tell the story to large or smaller groups – these can also be downloaded from the website.

A number of groups are now happening around the country, and children are gaining confidence in their reading while exploring stories from the Bible together.

To order books and access the resources go to the new Bibleworld webpage.

For more information, please contact Sandra Batt, 0131 347 9820, or email sandra.batt@scottishbiblesociety.org.