God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1 (NIVUK)

Image courtesy of Vlad Sodel

The situation in Ukraine has not improved over the past few years. Although the conflict has all but disappeared from our TV screens, people are still being killed, injured and displaced across Ukraine. Much of eastern Ukraine is under rebel control and although an official ceasefire was called, it failed within hours and fighting resumed.

The Bible Society in Ukraine are working hard to give the Word of God to the people affected by this war, in the hope that they will read it and understand that there is a God of love who they can trust in during these uncertain times.

The Society run a project to reach out to young people, providing career advice masterclasses to help them decide about their future.

They also try to warn them about the temptation of money, as many young people, especially girls, are lured into a life of sexual slavery, following the promise of good wages and easy work abroad.

When the project finishes in a school, volunteers give a special edition Youth Bible to everyone interested, emphasising that this book could become a guide and a source of wisdom to them.

At one of the schools, in Kalynivka village (Central Ukraine), volunteers gave 164 Bibles to the schoolchildren. 16 Bibles were left, and they were bringing them back to the van to use in another project.

But when the school principal noticed this, she ran after them and begged to leave these Bibles with her since some students were absent and she wanted them to have such a valuable gift!

The Word of God is transforming lives in Ukraine.

Last year, Bible Society volunteers visited another school in the small town of Rokytne in Kyiv Province with their Youth Bibles project.

One young girl called Alina received the Bible too. She was from a large, impoverished family. Alcoholism, poverty, violence towards mother and children from their drunken father – this had been the reality she grew up in. Such children might be considered beyond helpless.

Alina brought the Youth Bible home and started reading it. At the beginning, the whole family opposed her and were even hostile towards her.

Over time, her siblings and mother joined her. The father resisted longer than the others.

But in just 8 months, this single Youth Bible brought their whole family of six to Christ.

Alina is still in touch with the volunteers and tells about the miracles God has done in her family. Her father is trying to work and has stopped drinking.

‘The atmosphere of happiness is reigning in our home, and I am very happy’, writes Alina.

She has also made a decision about her future. Next year, she will go to pedagogical college to become a teacher of Ukrainian language.

It is because of your prayerful and financial support that lives are being transformed in Ukraine through the Bible.

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Please pray for:

  • The Bible Society staff and volunteers in Ukraine – for safety as they reach out to people in war-torn areas of the country.
  • The political leadership of Ukraine – a new President was elected last month who aims to tackle the corruption which is rife in Ukraine.
  • The young people of Ukraine – as they think about their future, pray that they will read their Youth Bible and see a God who guides their path and shelters them from harm.
  • Alina and her family – thank God that he has transformed their lives and that they now live a life of hope, and pray for Alina as she hopes to become a teacher of the Ukrainian language.

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