With only six months to go, preparation for Bible 2020 in Scotland is gathering pace!

Bible 2020 is a global initiative being led by SBS to unite the church in reading the Bible aloud every day in every country throughout the year.

With over 50 partner Bible Societies involved and many more within the UBS fellowship considering how they might participate, to date over 69% of the world’s population live in a country where someone each day will read aloud for their country and pray for them.

In Scotland we are developing a programme of ideas to help churches make the most of the opportunities Bible 2020 brings.

The reading programme for the year will be available for download in the late autumn from the Bible 2020 website or on the bespoke Bible 2020 App, where users can upload a selfie video of their reading and join the global video wall; everyone everywhere united in covering God’s world in His Word.

Alongside encouraging Scotland’s Christians to use the App we are also developing ideas for arts and drama events, community walking tours, community gardens,  all age resources, and even the suggestion of churches holding a Hogmanay Bible Hootenanny where at the bells everyone can read the first passage of 2020 aloud together and ceilidh away!

We believe Bible 2020 can change lives and transform communities as the Word of God is read aloud each day. How might your church be involved?

Sign up on Bible2020.org for updates or join the Bible 2020 community on Facebook.