Getting people excited about books is quite a challenge!
Kaila Pettigrove, Wallacewell Community Fellowship

This could be a comment about many children in Scotland today, and it is also a challenge for Christians as we believe that it is through the Bible that God speaks to us and can transform our lives.

We are therefore delighted to hear stories from churches across Scotland who have recently started Bibleworld Book Groups with children in their community.

Using our freely downloadable resources to help run these groups and purchasing sets of our Bibleworld Books for each child, children are finding a joy in reading while also engaging with the stories of Jesus and discovering who he is.

It was great to visit one Bibleworld Book group at Wallacewell Community Fellowship in Glasgow and to meet the children as they enjoyed exploring and reading the stories with a small group of committed adults.

You can watch the children in action and hear Kaila’s reflections on the group in the video above!

We believe that Bibleworld Books is a great resource to help children and young people with their literacy skills, but it is also a great way to engage them in the stories of Jesus.

Find out more on the Bibleworld Books website, by clicking the button below.